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What's involved?

  • All Oil-Fired Appliance Servicing includes the following checks:
     ·        Visual inspection of oil tank, base & supports
     ·        Inspection of oil supply system (if accessible)
     ·        Inspection of visible flue pipes, joints and termination
     ·        Checks for combustion air supply (Open flue boilers and range cookers)
     ·        Visual inspection of electrical connections, earth bonding & fuse ratings
    Boiler servicing will also include the following:
     ·        Cleaning & inspection of heat exchanger, flueways & baffles
     ·        Cleaning & inspection of secondary heat exchanger (condensing boilers only)
     ·        Cleaning of burner air inlet & fan
     ·        Cleaning & checking of burner electrodes
     ·        Fitting of new nozzle
     ·        Cleaning of blast tube
     ·        Cleaning & checking photocell
     ·        Visual inspection of electrical cables
     ·        Replacing flexi oil hoses (annually for standard & every 5 years for long-life)
     ·        Firing burner checking oil pressure & performing combustion analysis
     Range Cooker Servicing will also include the following:
     ·        Removal of hot plates & cleaning of flue-ways & combustion chamber
     ·        Cleaning of carbon deposits from burner base
     ·        Checking burner sleeves
     ·        Replacing wicks if necessary
     ·        Checking burner level & cold oil depth
     ·        Checking Oil Control valve operation & cleaning valve stem if accessible
     ·        Checking electric top/thermostat operation
     ·        Checking & adjusting oil flow rates
     ·        Re-lighting burner & checking operation

  • Unvented Cylinder Servicing comprises:
     ·        Cleaning the cold water main inlet valve filter
     ·        Checking the manual operation of pressure & temperature relief valve
     ·        Checking the manual operation of the expansion relief vessel
     ·        Checking the expansion vessel pre-charge (reinstating air bubble for Megaflo cylinders)
    ·        Checking for leakage & taht discharge pipework is clear
     ·        Checking conformance with Building Regulations